viernes, mayo 12, 2006

¿El código Da Vinci decodificado?

Hoy he leído en un excelente Blog:

The Da Vinci Code is " just fiction"?
It isn't a defense to say that The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction.
Fiction can't change the basic facts about major historical figures without being subject to criticism.
People would be outraged if Doubleday printed a novel portraying Adolph Hitler in a positive light and that he did what he did for the better for the mankind.
Christians have a right to be irate when the basic historical facts about Christ are but a total falsified view. The criticism will be even more intense when a publisher releases a book takeoff the most sacred beliefs of others in this manner.
Further, the book takes great pains to create the appearance of factuality, including placing the infamous "fact" page at the beginning of the novel. Brown has stressed the apparent accuracy of the book on his web site and in interviews.
This is not a case where an author and a publisher have produced an ordinary novel. They have gone to great lengths to mislead people into thinking that the novel has a historical basis.They deserve especially sharp criticism for this, and when criticism is made they cannot hypocritically hide behind the "It's just fiction" allegation after having made such extensive efforts to convince the reader that it is not "just fiction."

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